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Appliances. Affect. Everything.

When you decide to do a remodel or are building a new home one of the first things that need to be determined is what type of appliances you are going to do. Not necessarily brand and model number, but knowing whether you want a cooktop and double oven or a freestanding range will make all the difference in your design. We are more than happy to design and give suggestions, but at the end of the day you have to choose what is right for your family. Some clients couldn’t live without their double oven…other clients end up using the extra oven to store pots and pans! There is no rule of thumb or formula for us to make these decisions for you; it’s something you have to decide. It’s not uncommon for a client to change their mind mid-planning and add an ice maker or even an extra dishwasher into the mix, but the earlier we know, the faster we will get to the kitchen design of your dreams! So, before you get too far on anything, we suggest making a trip to an appliance store and try to get somewhat of a handle on what you want. Think about things like: Cooktop or range? Built in refrigerator or standard? Where do you prefer the microwave? Paneled or unpaneled? Stainless hood or built-in wood hood? If you aren’t sure after looking, don’t be afraid to ask for our advice- we are happy to give our opinions!

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