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Hannah Wilson has been a part of the Columbia Showcase team since 2008. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the University of Central Missouri. Hannah prides herself in getting back to her clients quickly with fresh, creative and functional designs. Her clients are especially appreciative of her willingness to listen to what they want and her responsiveness throughout the project. Hannah’s home base is in the Jefferson City area, making it easy for her to do work not only in Columbia, but also the Lake area as well.

Appliances. Affect. Everything.

When you decide to do a remodel or are building a new home one of the first things that need to be determined is what type of appliances you are going to do. Not necessarily brand and model number, but knowing whether you want a cooktop and double oven or a freestanding range will make all the difference in your design. We are more than happy to design and give suggestions, but at the end of the day you have to choose what is right for your family. Some clients couldn’t live without their double oven…other clients end up using the extra oven to store pots and pans! There is no rule of thumb or formula for us to make these decisions for you; it’s something you have to decide. It’s not uncommon for a client to change their mind mid-planning and add an ice maker or even an extra dishwasher into the mix, but the earlier we know, the faster we will get to the kitchen design of your dreams! So, before you get too far on anything, we suggest making a trip to an appliance store and try to get somewhat of a handle on what you want. Think about things like: Cooktop or range? Built in refrigerator or standard? Where do you prefer the microwave? Paneled or unpaneled? Stainless hood or built-in wood hood? If you aren’t sure after looking, don’t be afraid to ask for our advice- we are happy to give our opinions!

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Kitchen in the Spotlight: Revamped Historic Home

      Revamped Historic HomeWhen I first stepped into this kitchen it was all wrong for this beautiful, historic home. The original architectural details were all intact until you hit the kitchen. It was clear that someone had recently replaced the cabinetry and tops (and someone had done a disservice to the home). The first issue with this kitchen was the 48” high half wall/bar peninsula that broke up the space and isolated anyone working in the kitchen from seeing out. The second issue was that the appliances were located awkwardly and the layout was not great for prepping, cooking, cleaning, or serving. My clients expressed that they really wanted to open up the space and rearrange everything. After finding out that a wall they wanted to eliminate was load bearing, they looked to me to come up with a kitchen plan that would open up the space. Some of the obstacles were unsightly soffits that could not be moved, a chimney that jutted into the space, and grill heating units that could not be removed. We ended up moving all appliance locations and gave them a very functional work triangle. We opened up the space by eliminating the peninsula and adding a center island. We also added a doorway to the kitchen that opened up to a hallway which really improved the flow of the house in general. By putting the refrigerator and pantries on one wall, we were able to cover up one of the soffits almost entirely with false doors that went all the way to the ceiling. We went with white cabinets with inset construction and a flat panel door and brought in a rich chocolate stain for the island. We kept a traditional feel with the moldings and details but kept clean lines to give it the simple classic look that the rest of the house had. We went to the ceiling with the cabinets and did glass doors with mullions to break up all the white. We decided on latch style hardware that highlighted the antique meets modern look that the clients wanted. The countertops are quartzite to give that marble look without having to commit to the high maintenance aspects of marble. This kitchen embodies what I love about kitchen and bath design. There were many obstacles that proved to be a challenge. It was a puzzle that needed solving and there was nothing “cookie cutter” about this design. The improvement to the home was outstanding, and most importantly, my clients were thrilled with the outcome.

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So why not marble?

Every magazine that you open you shows it, every dream kitchen on Pinterest has it, they never hesitate to use it on HGTV…so why not marble?

As a kitchen and bath designer in Mid-Missouri, marble is one of the more frustrating topics that I have to deal with. As much as I love the way these kitchens look and want you to have exactly what you’re looking for, I cannot sleep at night if I’m not completely honest with my clients about the hazards of putting this stone in your kitchen. Marble is not an easy stone to live with; it requires careful attention and a delicate lifestyle to ensure that you never have issues with it. If you have children, YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES. It’s not just red wine that will affect this stone; anything acidic will have a similar affect. The acid of a drop of orange juice left on your tops will etch the stone and leave an unsealed spot to snatch up that smear of leftovers that will leave you with a more than likely permanent stain. Glasses of water left to condensate on your countertops will somehow leave a ring that you see every time you step back and the natural light shines in. I’ve even heard of it absorbing the oils from a lotion bottle through the plastic and leaving a permanent ring. It’s also very soft, so even if you are extremely careful with acidic things, it can bruise (yes it’s as ugly as it sounds!) and chip very easily.

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